Twitter Testing New ‘Tweet Reaction Video’ to Retweet With Reaction Video

On Friday, January 7, the micro-blogging platform Twitter has started testing a new ‘Tweet Reaction Video’ functionality to retweet with adding a reaction video.

As per the video shared by the company, the new feature makes it possible to retweet someone’s tweet, post, and video by adding your own video reaction capturing just using your phone’s camera. However, it is currently available to a limited number of users on iOS.

Lucky users who have received the new ‘Tweet Reaction Video” feature now get a new option when they tap on the retweet button, which will display as the “Quote Tweet with reaction.” Then, it automatically opens the camera and lets you capture a video for the reaction to the post you want to retweet.

The primary tweet will be displayed in the front of a recorded video (and you can also change its position on the screen), the video recording interface is kind of similar to Fleets, which was discontinued by the company in August last year.

When you’re done with creating a reaction video, it will be visible to all of your followers on the time, although the company hasn’t mentioned that in which country, the company has been testing the new feature.

And it is also completely unclear the maximum length of a new ‘Tweet Reaction Video’ as well as when it will be accessible to use for Twitter users across the globe.

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