Twitter Testing Adding Advertisements Between Tweet Conversations

Today, the world’s industry-leading and most popular micro-blogging platform Twitter announcing the new test to start inserting ads in between Tweet replies.

The company’s revenue product lead Bruce Falck has officially confirmed in a tweet that they are opening new additional opportunities for advertisers to reach their customers by introducing “Multi-Destination Carousels Ads” that display different frequencies, layouts, contextually relevant ads, and different insertion points.

He added that the new test is global on Android and iOS, and if you’re a part of this, you will see advertisements after the first, third, or eighth reply under a tweet. The company will experiment with this new-style ad format for the upcoming months to analyze the Twitter usage effect that whether it is suitable for Twitter users or not.

The new test shows personalized and relevant ads based on your interest. For example, if you’re talking and looking about food and drinks most of the time, it will show advertisements of that category most.

A quick video shared by Bruce Falck shows the test is currently running for iOS, so, it is also expected that the advertisement format system will first be coming to iOS and sometime later for Android users in the forthcoming software updates in the future.

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