Twitter Introduced New Auto-captions for Videos

Today, the micro-blogging platform Twitter introduced a new Auto-captions feature to automatically add captions/subtitles to videos shared on the platform.

Twitter users will now be getting full access to automatic subtitles on videos, including muted videos shared on the social networking platform that can be enabled or disabled from accessibility settings on Twitter for Android or iOS as well as it is also usable on Twitter for the web by turning on or off the “CC” button.

On Wednesday, 15 December, Twitter Support officially announced a new feature in a tweet along with sharing a short funny cat video,

Where are video captions when you need them? They’re here now automatically on videos uploaded starting today.

Android & iOS: auto-captions will show on muted Tweet videos; keep them on when unmuted via your device's accessibility settings
Web: use the "CC" button to turn on/off

However, the new auto-captions feature is only limited while uploading new videos, meaning older videos that have been already uploaded to Twitter won’t be getting the advantage of the newly released useful feature and the company hasn’t provided any functionality to report captions that are inaccurate or used unsettled languages.

A Twitter spokesperson said to The Verge that “we’re always looking at ways to improve our accessibility features.” The auto-captions feature supports most of the languages for adding automatic subtitles to videos and starting today, it is going to be available globally for Twitter users on the Android, iOS, web versions.

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