Twitter Making Faster Video Uploads on Android

Today, after hearing comments from some Twitter users on Android, the leading micro-blogging platform is now making the process faster while uploading a video.

On Wednesday, March 16, the company said in a tweet that users should now be able to share 720p or lower quality videos faster on Android 9 or above, while they are currently working the same for higher quality videos too.

We know video uploads have been slow for some of you on Android. To fix that, we’ve improved how we process some of them.

Now it should be faster to share videos (720p or lower) on Android 9+ –– less waiting, more Tweeting while we work on the same for higher quality videos.

Meaning, it will now feel more convenient as well as a fast video sharing experience on the platform so that you can do more tweeting with less waiting, which is the main reason behind the bug fix.

Furthermore, the micro-blogging platform is working on the development of more options for playback speed for videos and voice tweets.

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