Twitter Launches New Label to Identify “Good Bots”

Today, the most-used micro-blogging social networking platform launched a new label to identify “Good Bots,” which posts legal content through automatic tweets.

Today, Twitter Support has officially introduced the new label feature Good Bots in a tweet and is now available to all users across the world.

Time to celebrate the #GoodBots on Twitter!

We’re launching labels for developer-created accounts so you can identify more of the good bots and their helpful Tweets.

The new Good Bot label was introduced with an aim for people can follow accounts that publish relevant, legitimate, or fun content on the platform through automated tweets with bots. Users will now be able to a specific label on every Twitter bot profile.

As you can see in the feature image, Good Bots can now be identified from an “Automated” label in a Twitter account and also see the developer name, who created that bot account.

The company has started testing this new feature earlier in September last year and after months of beta testing, it is now finally available to every user on Android, iOS, and desktop.

Moreover, the microblogging platform is also expanding the new “Safety Mode” to more users in order to autoblock spammy replies.

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