Twitter Testing New “Unmentioning” Functionality

The micro-blogging social networking platform is now begun testing the new feature – Unmentioning, a feature to remove yourself from a conversation.

On Friday, April 8, Twitter Safety confirmed in a tweet that they’re working on the development of the new security-based feature – “Unmentioning.”

How do you say “Don’t @ me,” without saying “Don’t @ me”? 

We’re experimenting with Unmentioning—a way to help you protect your peace and remove yourself from conversations—available on Web for some of you now.

Straightforwardly, if a Twitter user mentions your Twitter profile in a tweet, you will now have a permit to keep away yourself from the particular conversation.

However, your username will still display in a tweet but it will no longer link to your profile so that people will not redirect to your profile by tapping “@(username).” Since then, users who remove themselves from conversations won’t get any notifications and interactions regarding the specific tweet.

The company has now started experimenting with the new “Unmentioning” by making it available to a limited number of web users and it is currently unclear whether it will be accessible to everyone.

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