Twitter One-Time Warnings Now Available to Everyone on Android, iOS, and Web

On Saturday, February 26, the micro-blogging social network officially announced to make available the new “one-time warnings” feature to users on all platforms.

The company has made the official announcement in a tweet that the all-new functionality that is indicated to the non-general content can now be accessible for all global users on Twitter for web, Android, and iOS.

The option to add one-time sensitive content warnings to photos and videos you Tweet is now available for everyone across Android, iOS, and web. 

To add a content warning, tap the flag icon when editing the photo/video after you've attached it to your Tweet.

Last year in December, the popular had started testing the “one-time warnings” feature to a very limited number of users with an aim warn users from being taken any further actions on unsettling or sensitive photos and videos.

While sharing any photos and videos, the new feature allows you to warn your followers that the media content could be taken by the platform as non-general media content.

You can use the all-new “one-time warnings” feature by tapping on the three-dot icon on a photo or video that want to share, then tap on a flag icon in the bottom right corner, and select any one option from Nudity, Violence, Sensitive.

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