Twitter Now Allows Users to Pin “Lists” to Quickly Access From Home Timeline

Today, the world’s leading micro-blogging platform now allows Twitter you to pin your favorite “Lists” to quickly access them right from the home timeline.

On 2nd March, the company has made the official announcement in a tweet about the new feature to stay informed with all the latest news from your interested category. You can pin a list by going to “Lists” from a sidebar menu and tapping the thumbtack icon just next to a list.

Lists are one of the best ways to follow trusted accounts and news sources on Twitter. By pinning lists, you can pick which ones you want to quickly access from your Home timeline. 

To pin a list, tap "Lists" from the sidebar menu, then tap the thumbtack icon by a list.

Once you pin your most viewed or well-liked sources you can view them by swiping over from the home timeline on Twitter for Android and iOS.

Once your lists are pinned, you can swipe over to them from your Home timeline.

Lastly, the social media platform also complied a list of news sources as The conflict between two countries has many searching for news they can trust and real-time updates about what’s happening.

The conflict in Ukraine has many searching for news they can trust and real-time updates about what's happening. We've compiled a list of news sources so that you can be more informed on Twitter:
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