Twitter Now Allows to Record Spaces to Everyone

The world’s well-liked micro-blogging platform Twitter has now officially announced to roll out the ability to record and replay Spaces to all users.

Today, Twitter Support said in a tweet that hosts can now record a Space and it is also available for public playback.

Another update on Spaces Recording:

The option for hosts to record is now available for everyone on Android and iOS! When starting a Space, tap the “Record Space” switch to have it available for public playback for 30 days once the Space has ended.

Last year, the company introduced a new feature to make it sharable as well as re-listen to it, however, the demanding option was available to only a limited number of users and at that time, it was only available for listening to everyone.

Hosts on Twitter for Android and iOS can now access this latest functionality by tapping on the “Record Space” button, it will record a whole conversation to listen to it again for anyone.

Notes that the social network has mentioned that recorded Spaces will be only available to access for 30 days after the recording has been ended, meaning, after this period, the recorded Spaces will automatically be deleted permanently.

The new option isn’t available on the web as of now. Currently, you can only join Spaces as a listener.

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