Twitter Redesigned Explore Tab and Released New One-Time Warnings to Photos and Videos

On Wednesday, December 8, the world’s leading microblogging platform Twitter redesigned Explore Tab and added new one-time warnings for photos and videos.

Twitter New Explore Tab

The previous day, the Twitter Support team announced in a tweet that the company update the ‘Explore Tab’ to let users provide a new Explore experience to discover the best trending content.

*checks Explore tab* 

If it’s looking different, then you’re in our latest test: a new Explore experience to help you discover the best content that’s trending. Available in certain countries for some of you who use Twitter in English on Android and iOS.

All of the sections are as it is remains in the bottom navigation bar but there are only a “For You” and a “Trending” tab on the top navigation bar, which replaces an older look with multiple options in the same tab bar as well as users can still like, share, and retweet photos, videos, GIFs showing on a page and can just swipe to see every new content.

As of now writing this article, the new Explore tab is available for a limited number of users in certain countries who use Twitter in English on both Android and iOS.

Twitter One-time Warnings

The company also released a new feature that allows users to warn their followers about non-general content in a tweet by sharing any photos or videos. Twitter Safety introduced new functionality with an aim to warn users from being taken any further actions on unsettling or sensitive photos and videos.

People use Twitter to discuss what’s happening in the world, which sometimes means sharing unsettling or sensitive content. We’re testing an option for some of you to add one-time warnings to photos and videos you Tweet out, to help those who might want the warning.

To access a new feature, you can tap the three-dot icon on a photo or video that you want to share, then tap on a flag icon at the bottom right corner, there you have three options of the selection for your content: Nudity, Violence, or Sensitive.

The exact release date of this new feature is still unclear but it is also expected to start rolling out for a limited number of people in some selected countries.


Where is Explore tab on Twitter?

You can access the Explore tab on Twitter by tapping a magnifying glass or search icon from the primary bottom navigation bar on Android and iOS, and from the sidebar on PC, Mac, iPad, and Android tablet.

How do I Change Explore Page Location?

1. Go to ‘Explore settings’ by tapping on the gear icon at the top right corner of the app.
2. Uncheck the “Show content in this location” box.
3. Go to Explore locations and choose whatever location you want.

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