Twitter Testing New “Space Card as a Tweet” to Engage More Audiences

Today, a popular micro-blogging platform announced the new Space card feature that will be sent as a tweet so that more people can replay and engage with Spaces.

On Friday, May 6, the official Twitter Spaces shared in a tweet that the company is now working on the development of the new feature. Twitter will automatically publish a Space card as a tweet just after a host opens a new room.

Users can reply/send tweets right within that Space by tapping the new button right next to the reactions button as well as being able to see tweet replies from other users to the Space.

As Tweets are sent within the specific audio conversation so that people know more about what the conversion is actually about and people can also share and retweet it anytime they want.

The company is currently testing the new Space Card as a tweet to a limited number of users on Twitter for iOS and Android. More users will be able to access the new feature in future updates.

Furthermore, the micro-blogging social networking platform is currently also working on the development of the new functionality to share tweets within a selected group of people.

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