Twitter Now Allows Users to Join and Listen to Spaces Without an Account

The microblogging and social networking platform Twitter is getting a new feature to allow everyone to join and listen to Spaces through direct links.

On Friday, November 5, the Spaces team has officially announced the new functionality in a tweet:

have friends not on Twitter? that's weird but now you can share direct links to your Spaces and they can listen in via web without being logged in

To use the new Spaces ability, users can share direct links of Spaces with their friends, and they can join the live audio room via the web without being logged into the platform. This means it doesn’t matter whether you have a Twitter account or not, you can access Twitter’s live audio room anytime when you’re invited.

The new feature is primarily implemented for hosts and listeners to reach out to a wider range of audiences by sending only a direct link to the live audio room on Twitter and even any other social media platform as well.

Starting October 21, 2021, the company makes available Twitter Spaces to host for all Android and iOS users. On May 3, 2021, when Twitter started rolling out its live audio room system, it was only available to host for those users who have more than 600 followers on their accounts. Currently, the host can invite up to 11 speakers at a time in a single audio session.

Moreover, in September this year, the social networking platform also started including Spaces with “Record” and “Replay” features to let people listen to Spaces even after they have ended.

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