Twitter Started Releasing Ticketed Spaces On iOS

Today, Twitter has started releasing Ticketed Spaces feature for iOS users to allow hosts to monetize their Spaces and earn money.

The company officially announced on Twitter that now some iOS users will be able to create Ticketed Spaces that have a small joining fee which lets Twitter hosts earn money directly from the sales on the most popular micro-blogging social media platform.

In June, Twitter started testing this new feature and make it available for all interested users who wanted to try out the new paid live audio rooms called “Ticketed Spaces.”

Per Ticketed Spaces, Twitter hosts can charge between $1 and $999 for their live audio room, 67 percent of total earning will be given to the owner of Ticketed Spaces, 30 percent will going to Apple as an in-app purchase fee and Twitter will keep 3 percent.

However, the company is planning to increase its commission from 3 percent to 20 percent after the host’s total earning would be crossed $50,000.

Twitter mentioned in a tweet that they are experimenting with the feature on iOS only for now but it will get to everyone soon and it takes some time for worldwide availability.

So, as of now, it is unclear that when the company will officially roll out the new functionality to all users. Till then, iOS users will be able to purchase a ticket to join Ticketed Spaces.

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