Twitter now allows turning video captions on and off for everyone

The most-used micro-blogging platform is now rolling out the new functionality that allows Twitter users to turn on and off the played video captions.

On Friday, the company announced that there is now a “CC” button available for everyone on Android and iOS to turn the video captions off/on.

The choice is now yours: the closed caption toggle is now available for everyone on iOS and Android!

Tap the “CC” button on videos with available captions to turn the captions off/on.

Twitter had started testing the new functionality on April 22 but at that time, it was accessible to a limited number of users on iOS, not on Android.

But now, each and every Twitter user on Android and iOS have the ability whether they want to turn on the video captions or off when they don’t want it.

Furthermore, the micro-blogging platform is also working on the development of the new Space Card to post as a tweet to engage more audiences.

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