Gmail App Now Receives Voice and Video Call Facilities

On Monday, December 6, Google has officially announced to include the ability to join one-to-one meetings and audio calls from Google Chat to the Gmail app.

Up until now, it was still possible to make video calls in Gmail app on both iOS and Android but users first had to send an invite for a Google Meet to do a one-to-one meeting in a video conferencing call, which is a little limiting and lengthier process.

In the Google Chat app, users were able to tap a new phone and video icons at the top right corner in every particular chat section of the app but now, if users who will start calling from the Google Chat app will be automatically redirected to the Gmail app, which seems the company motive to make Gmail a center of Google’s all communication platforms.

When you’re on a voice or video call, you will see a banner of a person you’re on a call with, call duration, and a Meet icon in the chat roster. Missed calls will be indicated with a red phone and video icon within a conversation as well as in a chat roster.

The new calling features are already started available on both Android and iOS to all Google Workspace customers, G Suite Basic and Business customers, and users with personal Google accounts.


How do you get the Google Chat app?

Google Chat app is a communication software developed by Google mainly for direct messages, team chat rooms, and group messaging. It is available to download for free on Google Play Store and App Store for both Android and iOS platforms respectively.

Is Google Chat Safe?

Yes, it is because according to Google, the company uses Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption to protect your messages so that no one, including Google, can’t be able to read your messages on Google Chat.

How Can I Get My Old Gmail Account Back?

As of now, accessing is the only, safe, and legal option to recover your old Gmail account provided by Google.

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