WhatsApp Communities and Reactions Features Announced Officially

On Thursday, April 14, the Meta-owned instant messaging platform officially announced the new WhatsApp Communities and Reactions features.

WhatsApp Communities will bring people together in separate groups, people can receive updates sent to the entire Community and easily organize in a structure of small groups regarding a particular subject.

The company’s primary aim of the use case of Communities for organizations such as schools, local clubs, and non-profit organizations.

Along with this, groups also have the ability to make up to 32 personal audio calls, send and receive reactions, media file sharing up to 2GB in size, and a group admin can delete any messages.

Reactions – Emoji reactions are coming to WhatsApp so people can quickly share their opinion without flooding chats with new messages.

Admin Delete – Group admins will be able to remove errant or problematic messages from everyone’s chats.

File Sharing – We’re increasing file sharing to support files up to 2 gigabytes so people can easily collaborate on projects.

Larger Voice Calls – We’ll introduce one-tap voice calling for up to 32 people with all new design for those times when talking live is better than chatting.

Moreover, the company’s CEO said in a tweet that there are currently six reactions available to use for users, while more emojis and skin tones will release soon.

You can know more about WhatsApp Communities and Reactions for the instant messaging platform in the company’s official press release.

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