WhatsApp Officially Released New Disappearing Messages and Multiple Durations

On Monday, December 6, the Meta-owned instant messaging platform WhatsApp officially introduced new multiple duration options for Disappearing Messages.

Disappearing Messages feature was originally introduced last year on 5th November but at that time, there is only 7 days duration option was available but now, the company is adding new durations: 24 hours and 90 days.

Starting today, WhatsApp is providing their users more options to control over their messages for how long it remains and after specific timing, a particular chat message has been completely removed using multiple durations of Disappearing Messages.

WhatsApp users will now have the option to enable disappearing messages by default in all new chats and your particular selected duration is also visible to people that you’re chatting with. And after passing a duration that you’ve chosen, conversation messages will automatically disappear.

The company mentioned in the official blog post that the new feature is released along with maintaining the privacy of users’ data through end-to-end encryption for more personalized conversation experiences.

Users can set disappearing messages for 24 hours, 7 days, or 90 days as well as in a group chat, however, a group admin can change group settings to let only admins enable or disable disappearing messages.

Here is what WhatsApp said about other some of the points about this new feature and a few privacy considerations.

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