WhatsApp native app officially launches for Windows

On Tuesday, August 16, the most-used instant messaging platform officially launched the completely new WhatsApp native app for Windows users.

While the company has earlier used the old web-based Electron Technology, the application has now been entirely revamped using native Windows technologies in order to achieve even faster performance.

Alongside, there are also some other advantages of the WhatsApp native app such as users can now send and receive messages without having their phone online.

Replacing the previous WhatsApp Desktop view, the primary interface of the app is notably redesigned with an overall clearer look and in a more structured way for becoming more responsive with the speed.

After over a month of testing, it now becomes publicly available that can now be downloaded from the Microsoft Store. Note that Windows computers must be running on Windows 10 or later.

Moreover, WhatsApp will be doing a similar thing by launching the native WhatsApp for macOS in near future. Users can now more about the WhatsApp native app in the company’s official blog post.

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