New WhatsApp ‘Quick Replies’ Makes Better to Manage Business Accounts

On Sunday, December 19, the Meta-owned instant messaging network WhatsApp released a new ‘Quick Replies’ feature for the company’s business platform.

The new feature is first spotted by WABetaInfo, which notes ‘Quick Replies’ allows reusing frequent messages, meaning if you want to send the same message to multiple clients/users on WhatsApp Business, it now becomes a time-saving process using ‘Quick Replies.’

To utilize the new functionality, you must have to type “/” (forward slash) every time, you will see a default quick reply noting that “Thank you for your business! We look forward to working with you again.

You can forward this message to your client and also can edit it by tapping a pencil icon just next to a feature naming as well as create a new ‘Quick Replies’ by tapping the “+” icon at the bottom right corner. While creating a new quick reply, it also allows you to add a shortcut that will help you later to find a specific quick reply.

The extremely useful new feature for WhatsApp Business becomes really very helpful for those who want to manage their business chats with their customers. The new functionality looks like now available to all WhatsApp Business accounts on Android and iOS and we are able to find it too.

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