Google AdSense Turning Down ‘Matched Content Ads’ from 1st March 2022

On Wednesday, November 24, Google officially announced its decision to close the ‘Matched Content Ads’ from its Adsense program owing to less utilization.

On the official blog post, Google clearly mentioned that starting 1st March 2022, the Matched content ad units will be displayed normal advertisements alongside to be renaming with ‘Multiplex ads.’

Matched content ads format was originally launched as a recommendation promotional service that helps publishers to promote the content of their websites to visitors by showing advertisements based on the relevant content of a website as well as comes with an option to display ads along with the links to the content.

But in recent times, owing continuously decrease positive feedback from customers, performance results, and enough utilization, Google has finally decided to turn down a specific content promotion service and transform all existing Match content units into just show ads, which also applies to a Matched content units that have the ‘Monetise with Ads’ option turned off.

Considering the change, you (Google Adsense approved website publishers) don’t need anything if you’re agreed with Google’s decision to show only ads from Matched content ads but if don’t, you have to remove the Match content ad format code from your website pages before this change has been completely implemented.

Along with this primary ad format change, the company also makes the following changes:

Rebranding Matched content to 'multiplex ads', to align with the ad format that's available on Google Ad Manager.

Removing the eligibility restrictions that currently apply to Matched content. The new format will be available to all AdSense publishers.

Removing the Sites and then Matched content page from the AdSense interface.

Updating the Matched content unit editor to show the new ads-only format.

(Lab participants only) Turning off the ads-only Matched content AdSense Lab and marking it as retired.

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