Android 12 (Go Edition): New Lighter Version of Android 12

On Tuesday, December 14, Google announced a new Android 12 (Go edition) to use affordable and entry-level Android smartphones in a more fast forward way.

The first Android (Go edition) was originally launched on 5 December 2017 and almost after four years, the search engine giant officially unveiled the lighter version of the latest Android operating system named Android 12 (Go edition). Back in May, the company unveiled the major and official version of the next-generation Android 12.

As more than 200 million users currently actively using the Android (Go edition) smartphones, Google is creating a faster, smarter, and more privacy-friendly user experience for low-end devices. Here are all of the new features of Google’s new lightweight Android operating system.

Android 12 (Go edition)

Faster App Opening

Google claims that the app opening will be up to 30% faster with smoother animation on Android 12 (Go edition) and the company also created SplashScreen API so that developers can deliver a continuously smoother experience while their apps opened by users.

New Considerable Features

Google adding new functionalities with this OS, including while you’re navigating the recent app screen, you will see options to listen to the content-related news and translate any on-screen content into your selected language.

Easier App & Device Sharing

Google explained that on the newest OS, users will be able to save the data by sharing apps directly with nearby devices through Google Play and Nearby Share.

And to share your device with friends and family members without compromising data privacy, it is now easy to switch to a guest profile and after a sharing has been completed, the profile can be deleted, which is a simplifying user experience.

Longer Battery Life

With running Android 12 (Go edition), if the app on a phone hasn’t been used for a few months, the OS automatically saves the device’s battery life and storage by hibernating apps, which is really helpful for handsets with limited storage.

However, the app files are still recoverable within 30 days so that you can freely remove unrequired files to increase the battery life and extend the storage.

Privacy Controls

To get more transparency around apps and more controls on accessing private information, Google is adding a new privacy dashboard that will provide which apps access specific types of data and you can also disallow app permissions if requires.

A new privacy indicator on the status bar will notably inform you when the app accessing your sensitive data especially the camera and microphone.

Moreover, with the new approximate location permissions, you can get more control over apps by limiting it to accessing only selected permissions like an approximate location instead of the precise location.

Google confirms that the newly showcased Android 12 (Go edition) will be built-in with the new, budget-centric, and entry-level devices launching in 2022.

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