Google Doodle Celebrates Bangladesh Independence Day 2022

Today, Doodle for Google is celebrating Bangladesh Independence Day 2022, commemorating more than 50 years of complete freedom for Bangladeshis.

Bangladesh Independence Day 2022 Doodle artwork features a red disk in the country’s flag against a green backdrop, which represents sunrise across the nation’s landscape and flies proudly for celebrating the country’s 51st anniversary.

Citizens of Bangladesh are blessed with amazing natural beauties, including “the longest sea beach in the world in Cox’s Bazar and the world’s largest mangrove forest where the famous Bengal tiger has a roaring good time.”

The important memorial day is often celebrated with parades and fairs throughout the country, especially in the nation’s capital – Dhaka.

The new special Bangladesh Independence Day 2022 Doodle artwork is now displayed on the homepage of Google specifically in Bangladesh.

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