Google Doodle Celebrates Charlotte Maxeke’s 151st Birthday

Today, Doodle for Google is celebrating Charlotte Maxeke’s 151st Birthday, she was widely known as the mother of Black Freedom in South Africa.

Mama Charlotte Maxeke was born in 1871 in the small town of Fort Beaufort, situated in today’s Eastern Cape province. She earned a bachelor’s degree from Wilberforce University in 1903 in the United States, she was recognized as the first Black South African woman to graduate and got a university degree from an American school.

After returning to South Africa, Maxeke was involved in the nation’s political and social rights movements alongside settling in Johannesburg and people celebrate Charlotte Maxeke’s 151st Birthday for putting her really hard efforts toward the freedom of Black South Africans, especially women.

Over the next 25 years, Charlotte Maxeke continued her efforts as a tireless leader and advocate for women’s rights. She worked with others across race and class, oftentimes remembered as “everyone’s friend and no one’s enemy.”

Today’s Charlotte Maxeke’s 151st Birthday Doodle is created by South Africa-based artist Pola Maneli and is now displayed on the homepage of Google specifically in South Africa.

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