Google Doodle Celebrates Dr. Elvira Rawson’s 155th Birthday

Today, Doodle for Google is celebrating Dr. Elvira Rawson’s 155th Birthday, she was a prominent first-wave feminist in Argentina.

On this day, Rawson was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1867. She grew up with discrimination between rich and poor, during her childhood, he saw the promotion of economic equality and she wants to leave her mark in history too.

After graduating from medical school, she joined forces “with prominent suffragists all over the world by participating in the First International Women’s Congress in Buenos Aires.” People celebrate Dr. Elvira Rawson’s 155th Birthday for putting her really hard efforts into women’s rights movements not only in Argentina but throughout Latin America.

In 1919, Dr. Rawson co-founded the Women's Rights Association, which mobilized women to demand equal pay and the right to vote. Considered radical at the time, the group’s efforts did not lead to many concrete policy changes. Although, the movement received attention from major political parties and set a foundation for later feminist movements.

The search engine is now celebrating Dr. Elvira Rawson’s 155th Birthday by displaying the new special Doodle artwork on the homepage of Google in Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay, and Uruguay.

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