Google Doodle Celebrates Ghana Independence Day 2022

on Sunday, March 6, Doodle for Google is celebrating Ghana Independence Day 2022, surpassing 65 years of complete freedom of the Western African country.

The African nation is also known as the Gold Coast and became the first African country south of the Sahara to gain independence from colonial rule. 

Carnivals and parades are held across Ghana, from the capital of Accra on the scenic coastline of the Gulf of Guinea to the northern heritage-rich city of Tamale. Local foods, such as the Ghanaian jollof rice (a spicy rice dish with meat and vegetables), serve as centerpieces in many private homes

Ghana Independence Day 2022 celebration can be heard all around the country’s citizens by singing the song “Ghana Freedom,” which is a famous independence song, and dancing on traditional and regional variations on highlife music.

The new special Ghana Independence Day 2022 Doodle artwork is displayed on the home page of Google specifically in Ghana.

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