Google Doodle Celebrates Girls’ Day 2022

Today, Doodle for Google is celebrating Girls’ Day 2022, which is also known as “Hinamatsuri” and “Doll’s Festival” in Japan, comes in a time of the Spring.

On this day, Japanese families become truly well-wishers for the health, growth, and happiness of young girls of the country. Traditionally, there are displaying the sets of costumed Hiina dolls that represent members of the imperial court dating back to Japan’s Heian period.

During the Heian era, noble children played with Hiina (paper dolls), developing a tradition known as Hiina-Asobi (doll play). Members of the Imperial court believed the dolls would absorb the children’s bad luck, thus protecting them from evil spirits. In some regions of Japan, these dolls were released to float down a river.

To celebrate Girls’ Day 2022, the people of Japan now showcase dolls made from porcelain clay, clothing with bright colorways to celebrate, and to wish girls health and prosperity with traditional foods such as Chirashi-Sushi. 

The new special “Girls’ Day 2022” Doodle is now displayed on the home page of Google specifically in Japan.

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