Google Doodle Celebrates Greece National Day 2022

Today, Doodle for Google is celebrating Greece National Day 2022, commemorating the complete freedom of the nation after 400 years of occupation.

Greece National Day 2022 is celebrated by the search engine giant by raising Greece’s blue and white flag into the sky as a declaration of its independence.

In the country’s capital, the holiday is commemorated with “flag-day parades, speeches, and visits to memorial services” and citizens enjoy traditional dishes like bakaliaros (fried hake) along with garlic and potato puree, called skordalia. 

This is a really important day in history as the nation’s freedom fighters mark the hard-won battle and Greece’s continued freedom for over 200 years.

The new special “Greece National Day 2022” Doodle artwork is now displayed on the homepage of Google specifically in Greece, a beautiful country in Southeastern Europe.

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