Google Doodle Celebrates Hungary National Day 2022

Today, Doodle for Google is celebrating the Hungary National Day 2022, which is also known as Revolution Day, celebrating 173 years of complete freedom.

On this day in 1848, “the poet of the revolution, Sandor Petőfi, and his fellow patriots addressed the nation from the stairs of the Hungarian National Museum, reciting the Nemzeti dal (National Song).” Google describes.

They issued a number of demands for democratic rights, which is currently known as the 12 Points of the Pest Revolution and the document is widely considered as one of the most important texts among the nation.

The famous 12 Points called for the establishment of a Hungarian government and an end to all censorship. By the afternoon, thousands had joined in the cause and sparked the Hungarian Revolution, which later secured the nation’s independence. 

Today, the Hungary National Day 2022 is honored as a National Day and events are held annually at the Hungarian National Museum. At the site of the brave calls for sweeping reforms in 1848, local officials give speeches, recite Petőfi’s Nemzeti dal, and raise the country’s flag.

The new special “Hungary National Day 2022” is now displayed on the homepage of Google specifically in Hungary.

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