Google Doodle Celebrates Lantern Festival 2022

Today, Google Doodle is celebrating Lantern Festival 2022, which is the special occasion to celebrate the first full moon of the Lunar calendar.

The all-new Doodle commemorates the Lantern Festival on the first full moon of the Lunar calendar. “Traditions call for celebrants to light lanterns and send them floating into the sky as a symbolic act that honors one’s ancestors and symbolizes the release of the past while shining a light on the year to come.” Google describes.

These celebrations of Lantern Festival 2022 have ancient roots. If we go back 2000 years to the beginning of the Eastern Han Dynasty, shibboleths characterize that the memorable holiday is a testament to the power of China’s oral storytelling traditions.

The most common type of lantern seen across the skies today are small orbs, but many artisans create unique designs that take on all sizes and shapes—from giant dragons to lanterns small enough for children to carry. 

Many people in the countries where the festival has been celebrated, sometimes slip small pieces of paper inscribed with riddles inside their lanterns to add an extra element of fun.

The newest and beautiful Lantern Festival 2022 Doodle is showcased on the homepage of Google in some selected numbers countries that include, Taiwan, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

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