Google Doodle Celebrates Lau Andreas-Salomé’s 161st Birthday

Today, Google Doodle is celebrating Lau Andreas-Salomé’s 161st birthday, who was the first woman psychoanalyst born on this day 161 years ago.

Lau Andreas-Salomé’s 161st Birthday

Louise Salomé was born on this day in 1861 in St. Petersburg, Russia. She was grown up in Russian, German, and French heritage and since a young age, she was passionate about French and German literature.

In 1880, Louise Salomé was decided to admission to the progressive University of Zurich for higher academic studies and it was one of the limited numbers of schools at that time where women are allowed to get the education of literature.

In 1882, Andreas-Salomé joined the literary salon of eminent feminist Malwida von Meysenburg in Rome, where she met Friedrich Nietzsche. The German philosopher fell in love with Andreas-Salomé, and many believe her intellectual prowess inspired Nietzsche’s 1883 masterwork “Thus Spoke Zarathustra.” Through the turn of the 20th century, Andreas-Salomé published numerous psychological essays and novels—many based on her experiences as a woman navigating societal norms and the growing intellectual movement of her time. 

In 1911, Andreas-Salomé started getting trained under Sigmund Freud, who is the father of psychoanalysis today. She was mainly focused on learning from Freud’s decades of writing experience on psychology to become the first woman psychoanalyst.

On the celebration of Lou Andreas-Salomé’s 161st Birthday, the new special Doodle artwork is illustrated by Berlin, Germany-based guest artist Isabel Seliger, which showcases in the home page of Google in a few European countries.

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