Google Doodle celebrates Peru Independence Day 2022

Today, Doodle for Google is celebrating Peru Independence Day 2022, commemorating the nation’s 201 years of complete freedom.

On this day in 1821, Peru got independent from Spain and the country honors the most important memorial day with a two-day observance called Las Fiestas Patrias (The National Holidays).

Argentinian commander Jose San Martín entered the Plaza de Armas in Peru’s capital of Lima and declared sovereignty. However, independence wasn’t fully achieved until 1824, when Jose San Martín joined Simon Bolivar and Antonio Jose de Sucre to secure lasting liberty.

The celebrations usually start at midnight with Criolla and reggaeton music filling the streets as well as fireworks crackling across the sky. The ceremony of the independence day begins with raising Peru’s national flag.

On the second day, a military parade honors the Armed Forces and the country’s national police while the president delivers a speech at the main event which takes place in the Plaza De Armas.

The new special Peru Independence Day 2022 Doodle artwork is now displayed on the home page of Google specifically in Peru.

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