Google Doodle Celebrates Discovery of Thailand’s Largest Dinosaur Remains

Today, Doodle for Google celebrates the “Discovery of Thailand’s Largest Dinosaur Remains” that was discovered in the country six years ago on this day.

Department of Mineral Resources of Thailand discovered a dinosaur remnant approximately to be 100 million years old, which is also believed to be the biggest herbivore dinosaur fossil ever found in Thailand or Southeast Asia.

Scientists believe the bones of the brontosaurus-like sauropod species characterized by its long neck and tail could be attributed to a previously discovered species called Phuwiangosaurus sirindhornae, but the remains also could indicate the existence of an entirely new species—which would be the largest to have ever roamed Cretaceous-era Thailand.

For the first time, after a local noticed unusually massive bones, he contacted the authorities. The authorities discovered more than “20 individual fragments of sacrum, pelvis spine, and femur all belonging to a single titanosauriform sauropod species estimated to be anywhere between 23 to 30 meters (approximately 74 to 98 feet) long!”

For the celebration of the “Discovery of Thailand’s Largest Dinosaur Remains,” the special Doodle is now displayed on the home page of Google specifically in Thailand.

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