Gmail App for iOS Gets New Inbox Widget

The world’s biggest search engine giant recently updated its one of the most important Gmail app for iOS devices with including a new Inbox widget.

As Google hasn’t mentioned a new widget in release notes, the updated version of Gmail quietly introduces the second useful widget for users to let people always be informed with newly received mails.

The new Gmail widget is designed to display the last three newly received emails in the Gmail inbox alongside the ability to compose a new email by tapping the compose button at the bottom left side of the widget (first spotted by MacRumors).

The recently launched Gmail inbox widget joins the current widget that also displays a small compose button, search interface, and a number of unread emails are in the Inbox.

Both widgets beautifully appear in rounded corners as well as become a more and more informative area that provides the actual relevant email content which was missing in the previous version.

The Gmail widget can be added along with other widgets in the Today screen and also on the Home screen between apps. Make sure you have the latest version of the app which is available to download for free of cost from the App Store.

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