Google Doodle Now Celebrating New Year’s Day 2022

After celebrating New Year’s Eve 2021 on 31st December, Google Doodle is now celebrating New Year’s Day 2022 by tearing 2021 chocolate and flying confetti.

A new Google Doodle displays with multiple colors and animations featuring a popper which is tearing as we get into the New Year to mark this special celebration for welcoming 2022.

Google is now displaying the New Year’s Day 2022 Doodle across the world on the homepage of Google as well as also added in the official website of the Google Doodles.

When you search “New Year 2022” on Google, you will see a confetti cone on the first result of the page and if you click on it, it delivers you a beautiful experience for welcoming the New Year by flying confetti all across along with quick welcoming sound (if speakers are turned on).

Lots of people are celebrating New Year’s Day 2022 all over the world by partying with friends and family members and this is also a day for remembrance this year and resolution of the new year.

Each and every year, Google celebrates New Year’s Day by showcasing the special animated Doodle and this time with a confetti theme aimed to celebrate a joyful and safe New Year.

And from Gadget Surface, we wish you to have a safe, wonderful, and remarkable New Year, may this bring so much joy and happiness to all of your lives.

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