Google Drive Receives New ‘Search Chips’ to Refine Search Results

Google Drive now includes a new feature that helps users to refine search results and locate files quickly, known as “Search Chips” specifically for Google’s file storage platform.

While searching for files, users can select an option from a list of suggested filters that makes it easier to quickly and easily filter search results on Google Drive. The world’s biggest search engine giant announced this new feature on Google Drive through an official blog post of Google Workspace.

We’re launching a new beta for Google Drive that will help users refine their search and locate files faster using search chips. This is similar to functionality available in Gmail today. 

Using the latest update, when users enter any search query, a row of filters will show just underneath the search bar. These interactive filters are probably used to discover specific files very quickly.

Users can sort the search results by applying filters, including people, location, last modified date, tasks, PDF, file titles, image, shared drive or specific folder, Shared drive labels, tasks as well as multiple filters that can be applied together.

The company notes that the feature works similarly to “Search Filters” that were released for Gmail for Android in September. The “Search Filters” allows users to more precisely filter email search results on their mobile devices and that could be a name or a particular timeframe.

Google specifically mentioned that “Search Chips” on Google Drive is currently running in the beta version and only available for Google Workspaces members as well as G Suite Basic and Business customers.

So, if you want to try out the new “Search Chips” feature right now, you can show your interest to download the beta version in front of Google by submitting your details to this Google form.

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