Google Duo Achieved 5 Billion Downloads Milestone

The world’s biggest search giant’s most popular leading video calling app Google Duo has now achieved a 5 billion downloads milestone on the Play Store.

In the difficult time of the pandemic situation, which has now more than 2 years have been surpassed, Google’s best in class and easy-to-use video calling platform becomes more and more popular among millions of people across the world, especially Android users.

As a lot of users also used the Google Phone app, the company also provides the ability to link Duo app to set and utilized as a primary video calling app and that’s why it always remains in the “Top Apps” section on the Google Play Store. (noted by 9to5Google)

This huge number has been achieved with an aim to provide the best possible engagement experience without being interrupted by frustrated glitches like on some other platform.

Although Google Duo isn’t just a video calling app, it also gives you the functionality to make a voice call on selected smart displays, including Google’s own Nest Hub smart speakers.

The search engine giant has launched its first-ever conference-focused video calling app “Google Meet” sometime in early 2017, while Duo comes in 2019. However, Duo is a more consumer-oriented option rather than Meet for business perspective.

Lastly, Google Duo now officially joins the exclusive group of first-party apps that reaches this unbelievable achievement.

Last year in June, Google Assistant has completed the 500 million downloads milestone from 100 million on the Play Store in less than a year, which has now over 1 billion.

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