Google Photos Gets New Features in Memories

On Thursday, December 9, the search engine giant updated the Google Photos app by bringing new features and widgets to relive moments throughout the day.

Google Photos Memories

This week, Google rolling out a new ‘People & Pets’ widget that allows you to get photos of your closest friends and family members on your home screen. And when you tap on the widget, it’ll take you into the Google Photos app to view more photos and videos. This feature is available on both Android and iOS.

Cinematic Photos

Cinematic photos, which was launched a year ago to let users make a video of the moment in 3D using machine learning as well as provide a vivid photo viewing experience.

Now, Google updated the Cinematic photos with machine learning that fills in parts of the background behind the subject. The new update also allows the virtual camera to shift freely to recognize the best framing to bring focus on the subject.

Memories Carousel

The Memories carousel at the top of the photo grid makes it really easy to remember the right photos and more Memories can be seen as you scroll for the best of month, trip, and event.

Last month, Google started releasing ‘Event Memories’ that allows you to look back on moments such as birthdays, graduation, new year party, and more. And you can also rename and remove these Memories from the photo grid.

Big Screen Viewing

Furthermore, if you want to see your Memories in the Google Photos app on your phone or tablet, it is possible to view them on Google Nest Hub by just going to the “Your day” tab and scrolling the good times.

Hide Controls

Sometimes, you can use the built-in Google Photos controls to hide photos of certain people when you don’t think to revisit all memories and you can also unhide it anytime you want.

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