The New YouTube Studio Logo Seems Similar to YouTube Music Logo

YouTube Studio is now getting a new logo that seems similar to Google’s own product “YouTube Music.”

The design and branding of Google’s YouTube are unique from any other video-sharing platform. YouTube Studio used by YouTubers to manage their channel with viewing video stats, video editing settings, manage playlists, and reply to comments.

YouTube Studio now has a hexagonal-styled logo in red color and a white play button at the center. The new YouTube Studio logo is changed on both Android and iOS platforms.

The triangle play button still remains at the center but now it is inside a hexagon. It is encircled by a white-outlined hexagon that is separate from the primary hexagon.

The new logo has exactly the same looks as YouTube Music which easily makes the confusing situation for unfamiliar people if they see both of them at the same time. In the middle, a white play button surrounded by a six-sided hexagon outline.

Google finally decided to change the YouTube Studio logo because Google hadn’t changed it since it released in 2005. And the new design and branding of YouTube Studio look more modern than an older logo.

It is still unclear that whether Google will apply the new logo to because the website still used the standard YouTube followed by the bold “Studio” text.

The apps of the YouTube family include TV, Kids, Music, and Studio. And all Google products are different from each other by their own visual identity with their own design and branding. The all unique icons matched more with iOS than Android in spite of it’s owned by Android-owner Google.

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