YouTube Surpassed 50 Million Music and Premium Subscribers

Today, the world’s second-largest search engine officially announced that the company has now surpassed 50 million subscribers of YouTube Music and Premium.

6 years ago, on November 14, 2014, YouTube officially launched its advertisement-free music streaming service and video watching experience without being interrupted by advertisements service called “YouTube Music” and “YouTube Premium.”

In October 2020, YouTube recorded 30 million subscribers which mark was the result of an ongoing trend to watch YouTube videos and listening music without being disturbed by several advertisements.

However, Google hasn’t specified the number of actual Premium subscribers and how many users are using the one-month free Premium trial. In YouTube’s official blog post, the company explained a lot about how YouTube Music becomes the fastest-growing music subscription service.

Top Most Popular Music Subscription Service and its User Base:
Music ServiceSubscribers
Spotify165 million
Apple Music60 million (June 2019)
Amazon Music55 million (January 2020)
YouTube Music50 million
Data: Variety

YouTube Music Premium is currently available at a $9.99 monthly subscription plan that allows users to listen and download ad-free music and YouTube Premium costs $11.99/month which provides you all the advantages of YouTube Music with functionality to watch ad-free YouTube videos.

Additionally, Premium subscribers can also be able to play music videos in the background while doing browsing and using another app, or even when the phone is locked.

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