YouTube Released New ‘Continue Watching’ feature to Resume Unfinished Videos for Web

YouTube has now started releasing the ‘Continue Watching’ feature in mini-player for the web version to resume unfinished videos playing from the phone or any other device.

Today, one of the most popular publications 9to5Google has revealed the first exclusive report about the new ‘Continue Watching’ feature that is rolling out only for YouTube for the web.

It notes that whenever you’re viewing a video on YouTube and leave it on Android or iOS, you can now have the functionality to resume the same video in a web version on desktop/computer that video will first show in mini-player at the bottom-right corner. And in a mini-player, it will now show “Continue Watching” underneath the video title instead of the channel name.

By tapping the play button, the video will automatically start in a mini-player and you can tap on the ‘full-screen window’ icon at the top left corner to open a video on the full page like the regular YouTube videos watching experience on the web.

YouTube Released New 'Continue Watching' feature to Resume Unfinished Videos for Web
Image credit: 9to5Google

The new YouTube video “Continue Watching” feature also works if you stopped watching videos on YouTube for Android TV or other television sets and then head over to YouTube for the web.

9to5Google has first spotted the new feature this week but more users are now started seeing it on their devices. But to use the new capability, you must be logged in to the same Google Account on both phone and desktop for history to sync.

It is a really convenient and faster process to resume videos rather than going through the “History” section or manually add the video to “Watch later.” Currently, the functionality is limited to a few users but it will be available for more users worldwide soon.

Moreover, it is still unclear whether the new capability is only limited to YouTube Premium subscribers or available for all viewers because the tech publication shows this feature in the web version on YouTube Premium.

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