YouTube Premium RBI Guidelines Now Updates Again in India

YouTube Premium RBI guidelines are now updating with turning on a Recurring payment method for users to purchase subscriptions or join a specific channel.

On September 27, 2021, we had posted an in-detail article about RBI’s new rule for YouTube premium and all subscription-based platforms in India that users can’t be able to purchase a YouTube Premium subscription or join a channel using a Recurring Payment method.

But on Wednesday, December 8, YouTube clearly said in a new notification when creators log in to their accounts that the RBI’s new rule is now no longer available. “Recurring payments are available for new channel members in India again. Non-recurring payments are no longer available,” a video-sharing social media platform said.

As the recurring payment method allows users to automatically debit the amount of a subscription/membership from the bank account even if a user forgot to pay during the time of auto-renew, RBI applied a new rule that users must have to verify their credit and debit cards as well as always have to pay manually.

However, for some unknown reason, on the previous day, YouTube suddenly gave a new update to information about the discontinuation of the rule and people can always continue using the recurring payment method for all of their payments. (first reported by Technical Yogi)

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