Microsoft Becomes $2 Trillion Company After Apple

Microsoft has exactly done that what Apple had done last year. Microsoft has become the second $2 trillion US company after Apple.

World’s biggest software company Microsoft has filed the place in the history books as the second US public company to reach a $2 trillion market value, according to the report of Bloomberg.

Microsoft’s market share was 1.2% up on Tuesday that makes the company joined with Apple for short time in trading before closing at around $265.51 high levels.

After Microsoft cap the $1 trillion market in 2020, within almost after a year, Microsoft reached $2 trillion market value. Apple is currently ranking at $2.24 trillion market value which had completed its $2 trillion mark in August 2020.

Except for Microsoft, the only company that had been able to close to Apple in 2019, is Saudi Aramco, the official Saudi Arabian Oil Company. Today, the market value of Saudi Aramco is $1.9 trillion.

Still, Google and Amazon are struggling hard to reach the $2 trillion mark. Currently, the market value of Amazon is higher than Google. The current market value of Google is $1.67 trillion, while Amazon’s current market cap is $1.77 trillion.

This year and last year have been proved positive years for Microsoft and it performed much better than expected in the third-quarter results that were announced in April that shows the company’s growth across its business segments.

The primary reason for the phenomenal growth of Microsoft is the COVID-19 pandemic, where people more and more spending their time on laptops and personal computers, gaming systems, and cloud computing platforms, which all help Microsoft to make more money.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said in April about Microsoft’s performance that, “Even after a year in the pandemic, digital adoption isn’t slowing down yet, and we are building the cloud for the next decade, enlarging our addressable market and innovating across every layer of the tech stack in order to help our users to be resilient and transform.”

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