NitroPhone 1 – Most Secure Android On the Planet

The German company Nitrokey has introduced its first-ever smartphone “NitroPhone 1,” which is mainly aimed at security in terms of both hardware and software.

NitroPhone 1 is the unification of security, privacy, and ease of use with one of the most secure integrations of hardware and software. It is ultimately the Google Pixel 4a which is running a more secure GrapheneOS operating system and that Google product makes it the most secure Android smartphone ever in the world.

The former CIA officer and computer engineer consultant ‘Edward Joseph’ said, “today if I were configuring a smartphone, I will use Daniel Micay’s GrapheneOS as the base operating system.” (Daniel Micay is the lead developer of GrapheneOS).

So, the specification of the smartphone is identical to the Pixel 4a; 5.81-inch Full HD+ display, 12.2MP primary camera, punch-hold front-facing camera, Snapdragon 730G chip, 6GB of RAM and 128GB storage, and more.

Nitrokey is a well-known brand for providing open-source USB keys utilized to enable secure encryption and data signing. The confidential key is always inside the Nitrokey which protects users’ data from malware attacks.

But the company now has tried to put efforts into the smartphone industry, and it said that NitroPhone 1 integrates security, privacy, and simple user experience with modern hardware.

GrapheneOS (previously known as CopperheadOS) running on NitroPhone is based on the Android operating system but lacks Google Mobile Service (GMS), however, you can install them from its own application store and it has neither any microphone as a part of security measures.

The smartphone with additional layers of security is available at €630 price point which costs more than €200 as compared to Pixel 4a that costs $349 (~€300).

It is available for purchase from the official website of Nitrokey where you can also get full information about how secure the actual smartphone is. Users can make a payment through PayPal, SEPA wire bank transfers, credit cards, and Bitcoin.

For add-ons, customers can also purchase Protective Cover and Privacy screen for the smartphone which is available at €15 and €12, respectively.

Worldwide shipping is also available but its costs start at €8 (vary based on where you live) and Germany shipping costs start at €6. The delivery of the NitroPhone 1 can be take up to 2 to 10 days, which also depends on your location.

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Image Credit: Nitrokey

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