Nokia 105 Becomes World’s Most Popular Feature Phone in 2021

Nokia 105 again proves that the Finnish tech giant is still specialized to develop the best Feature phones by becoming the most popular feature phone in 2021 in terms of units sold.

According to the latest report of Associate Vice President of IDC, Francisco Jeronimo, Nokia 105 (4th-generation) that was first unveiled on 24 July 2019 is the world’s most popular feature phone of this year, (Nokia originally launched a total of 4 models of Nokia 105 since March 2013.)

In today’s time, most people do not give a lot of attention to the feature phone industry as the latest smartphone market comparatively growing significantly, but there are millions of people who are still using feature smartphones.

You’ll probably be shocked to hear that a total of around 1 billion feature phone units are still in use in the current world, according to IDC (Francisco Jeronimo) and back in 2017, HMD Global reported that there were 1.3 billion feature smartphones around the world, where Nokia 105 and Nokia 130 delivered excellent value and reliability.

A tech analyst said that the feature phones captured 19% of the total mobile phones market in the first nine months of this year, in which there is a 20% allotment of the top 5 most selling models, including Nokia 105 (1st), itel IT2171 (2nd), Jio Phone (3rd), Tecno T528 (4th), itel IT5260 (5th).

The primary reason behind the huge success of the Nokia 105 is the constant price reduction, which makes it available to people as ultra-affordable and truly budget-centric running on KaiOS.

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