Unfortunately, Nokia 9 PureView Won’t Receive Android 11

On Wednesday, 1st December, HMD Global has made a significant huge U-turn and clearly refused to provide the primary Android 11 update on Nokia 9 PureView.

During the launch time on 24 February 2019, Nokia has promised to offer Android 11 on Nokia 9 PureView by mentioning that it is eligible for two years of primary Android OS updates and three years of regular security patches.

But unfortunately, Nokia breaks its promise and confirmed in the official blog post that it is no longer receiving any major Android OS updates, including Android 11 due to incompatibilities between camera and software as well as compromised user experience and can’t reach Nokia’s high standards, however, it will continue to get regular security patches.

Although, the company is instead offering a 50% discount on the latest X-series devices like Nokia XR20, where users will be get pre-installed Android 11 and up to three years of major OS updates.

Nokia phones are about offering the best possible smartphone experience, day in and day out. It’s something we take pride in. That is why we had to make the tough choice not to offer the Android 11 software upgrade for Nokia 9 PureView. Incompatibilities between the camera and the software would have led to a compromised experience that does not meet our high standards.

Your current Nokia 9 PureView won’t change and you will continue to receive security updates. But, for those of you looking to make the jump to Android 11, we’re offering a 50% discount on Nokia XR20, or another device depending on regional availability.

In case you don’t know, the Penta-camera setup placed on the Nokia 9 PureView is developed by Light, which already quits its smartphone industry since June 2020, so, this could be the major reason behind HMD Global isn’t able to optimize the camera for a newer Android version.

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