Nokia Deploys World’s First 5G Edge Slicing Solution With Cellcom and Telia in Israel

On Monday, February 28, the Finland-based telecommunications company officially announced to establish the first-ever 5G Edge Slicing Solution in Israel.

In partnership with mobile operators Cellcom and Telia, Nokia’s innovative Edge Slicing solution allows operators to deliver their customers next-generation, secure, reliable, and high-performing Virtual Private Network (VPN) services over commercial 4G and 5G networks.

Along with this, both companies will also be able to provide new services to their consumers, generate new revenue opportunities, and collaborate with cloud application and infrastructure providers.

Nokia’s 5G Edge Slicing solution is an evolution of Nokia’s previously announced 4G/5G slicing capability. It enables operators to keep critical business data traffic local while running slice management, control, and assurance on existing central mobile data centers ensuring cost and operational efficiency.

Nokia and Cellcom’s first trial with sliced RAN-Transport-Core is running in Netanya, Israel, which is aimed at business applications, customer experience, and enterprise interconnectivity over a high-speed metro network.

While Nokia is running a live trial with a mobile operator Telia in Tampere, Finland with a high-tech global engineering group, Sandvik, where the primary priority is to demonstrate “how next-generation 5G Edge Slicing functions can operate with different mining equipment and digital applications.”

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