Apple TV Announced All-New “Sunny” Dark Comedy

On Monday, February 7, Apple TV has officially announced the new “Sunny” dark comedy-drama series, based on the book “Dark Manual” written by a Japanese writer.

“Sunny” is a darkly comedic drama starring Rashida Jones as Suzie, an American woman living in Kyoto, Japan, whose life is upended when her husband and son disappear in a mysterious plane crash, Apple describes.

As “consolation” she’s given Sunny, one of a new class of domestic robots made by her husband’s electronics company. Though at first Suzie resents Sunny’s attempts to fill the void in her life, gradually they develop an unexpected friendship, as together they uncover the dark truth of what really happened to Suzie’s family, becoming dangerously enmeshed in a world Suzie never knew existed.

The all-new 10-episode darkly comedic drama from A24 American Independent Entertainment company will feature Emmy Award Nominee and multi-hyphenate “Rashida Jones” as a primary star cast.

“Sunny” Film will be created, written, and executive produced by Katie Robbins, Ravi Nandan, and Jess Lubben, directed and executive produced by Lucy Tcherniak, while A24 serves as a producer.

Furthermore, Apple TV has recently shared the first look at the “Presumed Innocent” thriller series, “Foundation” season 2, and revealed the premiere date of the “They Call Me Magic” docuseries and “Roar” anthology series.

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